Mail / Fax Order & Direct Payment

Whilst we use secure payment processing for all our online credit card transactions, we understand there are some who prefer not to pay that way, so we offer other payment options.

There are several ways you can do mail order at VetStop

  1. Shop at VetStop as ususal.
    When you get to the payment section of the checkout you have the option of 'other payment methods'. From this point you can print out a completed order form (i.e. with your address and order details). You then have the option of mailing or faxing the order to us or requesting direct deposit information for payment that way.
    For mail orders the payment options are: credit card, cheque & Australia Money Order. For fax orders we can only accept credit card.
    Note: regarding credit cards, we accept VISA and MasterCard for mail / fax orders

  2. You can email your order to us with a delivery address. We will then reply with a total to pay, including freight, and our account details for direct deposit of payment.
    Note: Please don't email credit card details.

  3. Print out a blank mail order form and fill it in yourself with your order and delviery details. You will need to peruse the web site top get prices. This form has on it the methods by which you can send it to us and the payment methods offered. You can print out a mail order form from here