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Fooey - the most bitter stuff on earth !
It stops chewing, licking and biting behaviour, and has no odour, no sting and no colour because of its all natural ingredients. Because it has no sting it can be applied directly on to animals as well as being used on their environment
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Nature’s tastiest combination of harvest fresh pumpkin and selected Superfruits come together to make the world’s best pet foods and treats. Antioxidant rich, 100% natural, low calorie treats for all kinds of dogs. Available in 3 flavours.
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Adaptil, formally known as DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), is a synthetic copy of the natural pheromone proven to help support dogs in a range of stressful situations
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Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky
Dogs love these tasty, delicious treats! Made from 100% fish skins these natural healthy treats have a rough texture which helps remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. Omega 3 and other fish oils to help promote a healthy coat & supple joints
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This Conditioning Aroma Mist with the essences of chamomile and rosewater will keep your dog smelling naturally fresh.
Remove those cat urine smells for good !
Equimax liquid is effective against: small strongyles, large strongyles, tapeworm, pinworms, ascraids, threadworms, b ...

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