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Combo Packages
It is not unusual to need 2 different products to get full and complete parasite protection for your dog. (i.e. flea, tick and internal parasite control). The costs can add up. We have combined some of the popular products into 'Combos' to save you a bit more
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Frolicat - fun for cats !
Unique laser and teaser toys stimulate you cat instinctive chasing hunting behaviour. They are battery operated so can provide hours of fun without you having to be there. They have variable settings to keep the game interesting and unpredictable so your cat will never be bored.
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Vets All Natural Health Chews
Health Chews were created by Vet’s All Natural to support specific health needs.These meaty high quality tasty chews are a great source of the specific nutrients required to support dogs susceptible to Skin, Joint and General Health problems
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Rufus & Coco Pod
The Rufus & Coco Designer Pet Pod is the perfect bedding designed for pet owners as well as pets! Its contemporary and sleek design is the perfect sanctuary for your small friend that will also compliment the living space of the home
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Nature’s tastiest combination of harvest fresh pumpkin and selected Superfruits come together to make the world’s bes ...
Commercial diets can often lose vital nutrients during manufacture
Equimax liquid is effective against: small strongyles, large strongyles, tapeworm, pinworms, ascraids, threadworms, b ...

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