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Automatic Feeder
An automatic feeder will manage your pet’s diets even when you cannot. These convenient feeders allow you to set meals in advance, so your pet will get the appropriate portion served on schedule. Available for 2 or 5 meals
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Adaptil, formally known as DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone), is a synthetic copy of the natural pheromone proven to help support dogs in a range of stressful situations
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Dog treats designed with fun & organic shapes to engage your dog. Contains real vegetable flakes through out the biscuit allow easy breakup when chewed. Treat your dog to a healthy gourmet snack with an irresistible taste ...
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SportDOG provides a range of training devices for dogs including bark control, remote trainers and electronic containment systems
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This Conditioning Aroma Mist with the essences of chamomile and rosewater will keep your dog smelling naturally fresh.
Cats love the idea of drinking from runnning water. Improve your cat's water consumption by offering free flowing fil ...
Useful for horses that are easily excitable, do not travel well, nervous in strange surroundings.

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