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Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky
Dogs love these tasty, delicious treats! Made from 100% fish skins these natural healthy treats have a rough texture which helps remove tartar from your dog’s teeth. Omega 3 and other fish oils to help promote a healthy coat & supple joints
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Feliway for Cats
The Feliway diffuser releases a pheromone which is useful for managing behavioural problems in cats. It is very useful to calm cats in stressful situations. Once plugged in the diffuser will last approximately one month.
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TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking
With the TEK Series 1.0 you can now track your dog using GPS legally – it’s the ultimate solution for the most intense hunting experience. Provides GPS tracking capabilities in a compact, handheld device.
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Aussie Dog Toys
Aussie Dog toys are all about providing fun and enrichment for all your dog via interactive and environmentally sound enrichment products. The toys are safe, durable and are designed to simulate natural enrichment behaviours like the chase, hunting, and foraging.
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Feed fish .. and see the difference !
An easy way to add Omega-3 to your dog's diet

Zoom Groom's ultra-flexible, soft formula conforms to the feline anatomy and feels great - your cat will love it !
Equimax liquid is effective against: small strongyles, large strongyles, tapeworm, pinworms, ascraids, threadworms, b ...

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