Comfortis for Dogs (6-pack)

Dog size: 

Month-long flea protection for you dog in a convenient chewable tablet

- Fast-acting: Comfortis starts killing fleas in 30 minutes, providing fast relief from fleas for your dog.
- Convenient: Comfortis is easy to administer – your dog will love the taste of the beef flavoured chewable tablet.
- Family-friendly: Comfortis can’t run off onto you, your family, your clothing or furniture
- Can’t wash off: Comfortis can’t be washed off, making it ideal for dogs that are washed or swim regularly.
- No risk of site reactions which can occur with some spot-on products.

Available in 5 different sizes to suit your dog’s body weight.

The active ingredient in Comfortis, spinosad, when ingested by fleas, targets the flea's nervous system leading to flea paralysis and rapid death. While extremely toxic to fleas, spinosad has a high safety margin in mammals, so Comfortis can be used in puppies from 14 weeks of age.

As Comfortis is given orally to your pet, you do not have to tolerate the mess of topical products. It is rapidly absorbed in your dog's bloodstream, where it circulates and protects your dog from flea infestation for a full month. Comfortis begins killing fleas within 30 minutes, so you know your dog is getting fast relief and long-lasting protection. It does not depend on your dog's skin and hair coat to distribute across the body which is why Comfortis is a great choice for dogs with skin problems, as flea protection is vitally important and cannot be compromised.