Adaptil Diffuser
A pheromone for your dog or puppy which will help to stop or prevent fear and stress related signs such as destruction, vocalisation, house soiling & excessive licking. This pheromone is normally released by lactating dogs to 'reassure' the offspring at times of stress. It has a similar effect in mature dogs as well. The diffuser plugs into the AC power and a single vial will cover 50-70 square meters for ~1 month. This item comes with diffuser and vial of pheromone.
$ 75.45

Aussie Dog - Home Alone Toy
The Home Alone consists of a sturdy rubber ball with a rattle and a thong, mounted on a strong rope with a detachable elastic extension and straining rope.
It keeps your dog busy by dispensing a small amount of food every time your dog pulls on the grip hanging below the ball. When they go to eat the food the assembly springs back above their head. This activity can help to prevent separation anxiety barking, digging, plant destroying etc behaviour in your dog while you are out.

Homeopet Anxiety 15ml
HomeoPet Anxiety provides a 100% natural, plant-based solution for anxiety in cats and dogs. It has been formulated by veterinarians and clinically trialed worldwide and found to promote a sense of calm for your pet. HomeoPet Anxiety acts rapidly in stressful situations, generally within minutes.
$ 24.95

Homeopet Storm Stress
Are the summer storms scaring your dog or cat?
HomeoPet Storm Stress is formulated by veterinarians using 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Worldwide clinical trials have indicated it promotes a sense of calm and relieves stress in a cat or dog scared of thunder and storms
$ 28.95

The HUSHER is a very simple design. Elastic encircles the muzzle and exerts a firm yet humane pressure. This pressure is similar to that applied by a canine pack leader to maintain dominance. This lets them know that you are the leader. The amount of pressure allows breathing and panting with ease but opening the mouth wider to bark tires the muscles quickly and the barking stops. Available in 12 sizes.
Please allow up to 7 days for delivery
$ 29.75

Adaptil Collar
The tried and proven Adaptil is now available as a collar which means your dog will have continual exposure to the appeasing pheromone leading a more content dog
$ 58.95

Star Mark Clickers
The Star Mark Clicker is an easy and fun way to shape and reward positive behaviour in dogs. It is based on the principles of Classical conditioning and Operant conditioning. Triple Crown designed their clicker with ergonomics in mind. The raised button on the clicker is easy to find and press, even if you are wearing gloves or have long fingernails, and the stainless steel clicker element will not rust
$ 6.95

Adaptil Refill
A refill for the Adaptil Diffuser
$ 37.95