Lickables 1 Bites 80g
Lickables are a range of dehydrated treats available in four flavours – Beef, Roo, Lamb and Ocean Bites. The dehydration process takes away the moisture, without effecting the flavour, aroma or nutritional content of the treats. What’s left is the tastiest, most nutritious treat you’ll find. If that’s not enough, Lickables have absolutely no additives, preservatives, colouring or flavouring added. It’s 100% natural, the way mother nature intended it, and the way dogs like it!
$ 7.45

Unreal Ears - Vegetable (65)
Whilst looking like a genuine pig's ear, this product is made from all natural vegetable based ingredients. It is gluten free and an excellent low fat alternative to the regular pig's ear.
$ 123.25

Pig Snouts 1kg
Not pleasant to look at, at all, but your dog will love the flavour and chewy texture.
$ 49.45

Balanced Life Dog Treats 140g
A succulent, everyday treat for your dog available in four delicious flavours. An air dried high meat:vegetable ratio treat, full of all the nutritional elements needed to keep your dog healthy
$ 11.95

Liver Treats 1kg
The simplicity of dried liver in bulk. Your dog loves these treats no matter how ugly they look.
$ 26.40

Meals for Mutts Green Tripe 200g
A naturally nutrient rich dog treat. Contain 100% Green Tripe naturally dehydrated without the use of preservative or other additives. Helps to support a healthy digestive tract
$ 19.65

Veggie Ears
All natural, vegetable based 'pig's ears'.
A meat free natural alternative to a real fatty, grissly pig's ear. 97% fat free and low in salt.
Pack size: 

Meals for Mutts Carnivore Training Treats 50g
A high protein, low fat quality training treat

These training treats contain only one ingredient: either 100% Australian lamb or 100% Australian grass fed beef.
They are naturally air dried, highly digestible and great for fussy dogs. Presented in a 50g resealable bag.
Meat source: 

Fruitables Skinny Minis 141g
Fruitables Skinny Minis are bite sized chewy treats perfect as a snappy training reward, a small snack on the go or a perfectly shaped treat for petite pets. A chewy irresistible treat.
$ 11.95

Fruitables 198g
Nature’s tastiest combination of harvest fresh pumpkin and selected Superfruits come together to make the world’s best pet foods and treats. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and selected fruits accent a warm pumpkin muffin aroma that will amaze you and your pet! Antioxidant rich, 100% natural, low calorie treats for all kinds of dogs.
$ 9.95

Golp Jerky Chews 150g
Delicious jerky chews – a great daily treat for dogs. Have no artificial colours or flavours and are grain and gluten free. Three irresistible flavours (Beef, Duck, Kangaroo). Each flavour has different health benefits
$ 8.75

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky 100g
Dogs love these tasty, delicious treats!

Made from 100% fish skins these natural healthy treats have a rough texture which helps remove tartar from your dog’s teeth.
Omega 3 and other fish oils to help promote a healthy coat and supple joints. Omega oils have been shown to improve concentration and temperament.
Entirely natural - No artificial colourings and preservatives; Gluten free; hypo-allergenic
$ 7.55

Vets All Natural Health Chews - Multivitamin 270g
This tasty nutritional supplement supports health, longevity, vitality and the immune system of dogs. Ideal for growing puppies and older dogs, pregnant or lactating bitches and dogs recovering from illness or injury
$ 20.35

An all natural dog treat made from ground charcoal. Assists in the control of bad breath and bad odours.

Vets All Natural Health Chews - Joint Support 270g
This natural supplement assists in maintaining healthy bones and joints. It is ideal for supporting dogs that are active, large breed, older or recovering from injury.
$ 22.50

Joint Guard Liver Chews 250g
A great tasting liver treat for dogs which helps to maintain vitality and mobility. Each bite is equivalent to 1.25g of Joint Guard Powder. Alos a rich source of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Contains approx 120 treats.
$ 48.25

Pill Buddy Naturals 150g
Pill Buddy Naturals are delicate pockets of peanut butter to hide tablets in. They're so irresistible, your dog won't think twice about eating them.
$ 12.35

Snax Porky Snouts (25)
A bag of 25 dehydrated pigs snouts. A tasty chewy treat for your dog.
Not pleasant to look at ... but dogs love 'em !
$ 34.75

PAW Osteocare Chews
Every day joint care - each PAW Osteocare chew contains:
Glucosamine Sulfate: to provide cartilage nutrition for optimal joint cartilage health and joint function. Chondroitin Sulfate: is a major component of joint cartilage and is required for cartilage and joint health. PAW Osteocare chews also contains other ingredients such as MSM and a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals that work together to maintain the health of your dog’s joints.A tasty kangaroo based chew that is easy to give to your pet on a daily basis.

Vets Best Rewards
Treats for dogs and cats made from 100% dried sheep liver, with no additives or preservatives. Simply break off a small portion as a training aid or a reward for your pet. These will be enjoyed. Only a treat - not a complete food. Available in 2 sizes:

Vets All Natural Health Treat Puppy 100g
HealthTreats for Puppies are formulated to provide extra calcium, vitamins and minerals for your growing pup. They are the ideal, healthy training aid for your pup's early lessons in life. They assist bone and muscle development and makes the ideal healthy every day treat
$ 4.95