Oakwood Pet Grooming Glove
This Oakwood pet grooming glove is also ideal to be used as an everyday pet hair remover for removing loose hair and lint from clothing, furniture, and carpet, by using the reverse side of the glove
$ 12.75

Zoom Groom for Dogs
Zoom Groom for Dogs - remove that old hair from your dog's coat before it ends up around the house. A few minutes of Zoom-Grooming each day will stimulate your dogs skin leading to healthy skin. Zooms Grooms are ideal to use during shampooing to massage the skin and help with cleaning. Available in 3 colours:

Noah's De-Shedder
Perfect for tight areas and small dogs. Unique shape allows easy access to tight areas. Ergonomic design provides an ultra- comfortable grip. Removes fleas from the coat.
$ 10.95