Feline Greenies 71g
Feline Greenies are a great treat for cats, from the makers of Greenies - the Original Smart Green treat. Feline Greenies reduce tartar by 24%, as proven by an Independent Veterinary Research Group. Feline Greenies help prevent tartar build-up on the teeth, which is particularly important in cats, since they can develop severe dental disease. Feline Greenies come in one size, a bite size piece that is suitable for cats of all sizes (over 8 weeks of age).
$ 7.30

Vets Best Rewards
Treats for dogs and cats made from 100% dried sheep liver, with no additives or preservatives. Simply break off a small portion as a training aid or a reward for your pet. These will be enjoyed. Only a treat - not a complete food. Available in 2 sizes: