Urine-Off for Cats
Urine Off's bio-enzymatic formula for cleaning cat urine odors and stains. A unique feline pheromone blocker minimises repeat offenses and helps to impede future marking by cats. Perfect for the removal of urine from cat litter boxes, walls, sofas, carpets, upholstery, hardwood floors, and more.

Urine-Off Urine Finder
The crystalline structure of dried urine causes it to fluoresce a dull yellow color under ultraviolet (UV or "black") light. Thus, a UV Light becomes a valuable tool for locating the exact areas that need Urine Off. The Urine Off Urine Finder employs custom circuitry to produce the optimal light wavelength for urine fluorescence, and so work better - which means you don't have to have the room perfectly dark, or hold the light source so close to the surface.
$ 28.95

Purifie SmellzOff
The SmellzOff is a fragrance free, safe and organic odour remover that is specially formulated to be use for cat litter and other pet environment. It is designed to reduce the lingering problem of smell from the cats' litter trays by absorbing odour molecules
$ 7.95