Vetex Antiseptic Cream with Tea Tree Oil 100g
A soothing antiseptic cream for use on cuts, abrasions and skin conditions on dogs, cats & horses. Contains oils to prevent water loss from the wound and maintain the moisture balance within injured skin surface. Contains Malaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil) which provides an antiseptic action and Citronella Oil which imparts a mild insect repelling action.
$ 13.95

Melcare Manuka Wound Gel
Made from Leptospermum sp. honey (80%), Manuka Wound Gel also contains natural oils to protect wound margins and seaweed derived hydrocolloids to enhance honey’s properties as a wound dressing. It provides the right micro environment for the wound bed removes barriers to healing and stimulates the healing process

Potties Green Ointment 200g
An antiseptic and antifungal skin dressing for horses and cattle. Useful for managing skin irritations and ringworm.
$ 34.95

A cream containing antiseptics as well as permethrin, a very useful insecticide. Keeps flies away from wounds. Useful for fly bite dermatitis on the tips of dogs ears or any other wound which is bothered by insects.
$ 10.15

Aids in the removal of necrotic tissue, coagulum, & debris from wounds in cattle, horses, dogs & cats. For chapped teas, udder lesions & blackspot, apply to each affected teat after milking and rub in gently. Ensure all residues are removed before milking. Contains Malic Acid, Propionic Acid & Propylene glycol. Available in 2 sizes:

Wound Gard Spray 50ml
Antiseptic & bitterant spray. Contains non-toxic & non-irritating bittering agents to stop your dog or cat licking or chewing at a particular point eg. sores, wounds or bandages. Also contains an antiseptic to treat mild infections in wounds as well.
$ 11.55

Elastoplast Vetpack 7.5cm
Elastoplast is the preferred brand of adhesive wrapping that Vets use.
Available as a box of 12 x 2.3 metre rolls
$ 94.95

Cetrigen is an antibacterial spray with added insect repellents. It is formulated for the treatment of superficial cuts and wounds in all animals. It assists in drying the wound, preventing bacterial infection and making the wound less attractive for flies

A strong adhesive bandage similar to Elastoplast.
Each roll is 2.5m long and is available in 2 widths.
Cheaper by the dozen !

Betadine Antiseptic 500ml
Betadine is famous for its antiseptic properties. Contains iodine which is proven in the management of wounds and preventing infection
$ 20.95